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“Tested in Litigation” means that we focus on resolutions in every stage of the proceedings

SALGER Rechtsanwälte knows the art of conducting disputes and is a good partner in negotiations particularly due to this experience

“If the only tool available is a hammer, all problems look like a nail.”  This quote from Paul Watzlawik could hardly describe more accurately what differentiates good service in litigation from poor service in litigation.  There are many methods which can be used to sensibly differentiate the challenges posed by your matter.  Our attorneys represent you in a flexible manner because we have more than just a lot of resources.

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in appearing before various courts.  SALGER Rechtsanwälte has many years of practice representing clients before the courts in the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union as well as before national and international arbitral tribunals.  We are also able to conduct or accompany proceedings in English, Italian and French.

You also profit from this particular litigation experience in transactions.  In the first place, SALGER Rechtsanwälte also applies experience gained before the courts when important issues arise in structuring a contract.  Secondly, only an attorney who very exactly knows the limits of what is possible can also truly exhaust these limits to promote your interests.