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Franchise law seminar in Frankfurt: The Art of Franchising

AIJA, the international association of young lawyers, organized a seminar on Franchise law „The Art of Franchising – how to franchise your business“ in October 2015 in Frankfurt. SALGER Rechtsanwaelte was one of the sponsors of the seminar and our partner Dr. Stephan Dittl was a member of the organizing committee.

At the beginning of the seminar, Torben Leif Brodersen, the director of the German Franchise Association, gave an overview of the business of franchising in Germany. The presentation focused mainly on economical aspects, but was followed by several excellent legal presentations, such as:

  • Setting up a franchise – a case study
  • Avoiding damage claims of franchisees – practical experiences of a franchiser
  • Anti-trust and franchising – navigating the pitfalls
  • Developing, expanding and internationalizing a franchise – an example from the industry
  • Selling and purchasing a franchise unit or the whole network
  • Going international: The challenge of cross-border franchising
  • “Help – my franchiser goes online!”: Frictions in cross-channel franchise systems
  • Intellectual property rights: Major implications for a franchise business
  • “War stories” – how to survive franchise lawsuits

The presentations of the seminar can be downloaded here.